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Mike’s new podcast sees him working with his new tool of choice… a microphone, hence, Mic the Gardener.

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Episode 3 – Simon Lycett

Simon Lycett, award winning, royal and celebrity florist chats to Mike from ‘Lycett Towers’ in London about the trials and tribulations of running his business through the 2020/2021 lockdowns. They also explore the stigma experienced identifying as a florist in an all-boys school. A second series of the successful American floristry talent programme ‘Full Bloom’ is also discussed, together with how Simon got started in the floristry business and much more.

Simon Lycett talks about floral fabulousness

Mike chats to Otis about his days at horticultural college and the benefits of working in a garden centre.

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Gardening New Year’s Resolutions Special

In this most welcome New Year special, Mike grabs his unwitting producer, Jo to chat through a selection of your 2021 gardening New year’s resolutions. There are also some great resolutions from some of our friends in the celebrity gardening world including Simon Lycett, Arthur Parkinson and Laetitia Maklouf.

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EPISODE 2 – Lia Leendertz

Lia Leendertz, nature & food writer chats to Mike about the origins of her highly successful Almanac, including when and how she goes about writing it. She also invites us to step barefoot onto our garden borders with her winter meditations and talks about how she started her successful writing career and much more.

Almanac author and food & nature writer, Lia Leendertz.
Picture: Kirstie Young

Mike catches up with Otis who talks about his start of year gardening tasks.

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PILOT EPISODE – Tamsin Westhorpe

Tamsin Westhorpe, RHS judge, best-selling author of ‘Diary of a Modern Country Gardener’, gardener and curator of Stockton Bury Garden in Herefordshire is Mike’s first guest.

Author of the best-selling book, Diary of a Modern Country Gardener, Tamsin Westhorpe.

In this pilot episode, Tamsin speaks to Mike about her very first jobs in horticulture, including working as an interior landscaper and as a gardener for the Parks Department in Mike’s hometown of Bournemouth.

Mike also chats to his best friend and professional gardener, Otis Scadding, who shares how gardening could be just the tonic we’re all looking for. He also talks about how gardening helps him with live with anxiety and depression.

Mike’s best friend and professional gardener, Otis Scadding

The podcast has been made in association with audio producer Jo Tyler of Soniche Productions.

The pilot episode of Mike’s new podcast, ‘Mic the Gardener’ was published on 23 December 2020.

To listen to the pilot episode, click here.

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