Earning my stripes

Sowing seeds, that’s what I had intended to do today, specifically Orlaya and Ricinus. However, as it turned out it wasn’t a seed sowing kind of day; probably because on looking at my rather tired and stubbly lawn, I felt a pang of inadequacy, similar to that I experienced as a six year old at primary school; the redoubtable Miss Edwards telling me I ‘could do better’. 

So, lawnmower duly dusted off from the excesses of last season, I pulled her somewhat begrudgingly out of the shed and onto my lacklustre lawn. A swift tug on the starter cord and she spluttered back into life. Assuming the manly stride of a professional lawnsman I marched up and down my bedraggled lawn. I always think that the season’s first cut is akin to a baby’s first haircut; a light and delicate trim to tame some of the wispy, longer growth, but little in the way of style and substance.

Forty minutes later and there is the haziest hint of some ‘stripes’ on the lawn. Sure enough, there is plenty of hard work ahead to bring my lawn back to the lush, verdant mat that I am expected to produce (in my capacity as a professional gardener). The burden of professional gardener can at times lay heavily upon my shoulders as I strive to earn my stripes as a professional lawnkeeper.

Author: Mike the Gardener

Freelance gardening writer, consultant and designer. Mike Palmer is a passionate and professional plantsman, offering services in garden writing, consultancy and garden design. Mike is also available for garden and plant related talks and presentations. Mike has been a professional horticulturalist for over fifteen years.

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