Hosta Garlic Wash Recipe

Garlic Wash Recipe

As promised this morning, my first ever published recipe… and probably my last!
  • Ingredients:
    2 garlic bulbs (that’s two WHOLE bulbs, not cloves)
    2 litres of water
  • Instructions:
    Crush the two bulbs of garlic (don’t worry about taking skin off)
    Bring 2 litres of water to the boil and boil the crushed bulbs for 5 minutes or until soft Mash the cooked bulbs to extract all the juices
    Strain the mixture through a sieve
    Leave to cool 

  • When ready to use, mix TWO TABLESPOONS in FIVE LITRES of water and sprinkle on to leaves in late afternoon (in dry weather).

  • Re-apply every two weeks or after rain

    The mixture dries on the leaves making them unappealing to slugs and snails!

    It’s not completely fool-proof, but it helps.

    Good luck!

    Author: Mike the Gardener

    Freelance gardening writer, consultant and designer. Mike Palmer is a passionate and professional plantsman, offering services in garden writing, consultancy and garden design. Mike is also available for garden and plant related talks and presentations. Mike has been a professional horticulturalist for over fifteen years.

    8 thoughts on “Hosta Garlic Wash Recipe”

      1. Hi. Roger, Yes but for protection of slugs and snails on plants only. Never tried it anywhere else. We have them crawling up walls but I’d not thought about putting it on the ground. Smells a bit. And yes, if you wish you can eat the snails, but not for me thanks!!!


    1. Thanks for sharing this Mike. Diann Dirks The Garden Lady of Georgia blogsite: Permaculture Designer, Consultant, Educator Hillside Gardens, Auburn, Ga.

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