Grazers Product Review (including exclusive 15% discount*)

1881F802-6C85-458B-BBC9-9BDB28A193E6Admittedly, ‘Licence to deter‘ doesn’t have quite the same resonance as the title of the 1989 James Bond flick ‘Licence to kill’. However, to an increasingly growing population of environmentally sympathetic gardeners, use of the word ‘deter’ is music to their ears.

For far too many years, I have spent numerous hours crouched in my borders, in the still of the night, torch in hand, seeking out the stealthy slugs and snails drawn hypnotically to my hostas, ligularias and delphiniums. It doesn’t stop there. Lily beetles have repeatedly led me down the long and winding road, well, garden path, in order that I might extricate the shiny, red critters from the foliage of my stunning fritillarias and lilies. Other war-weary gardeners battle with rabbits, deer, pigeons, caterpillars, cabbage white butterflies and aphids. The list of annoying adversaries seems never ending.

Gardeners, in general, are a friendly and peace-loving community. Our battle with irksome invaders requires us to dispatch offenders in a manner that we each deem most appropriate. Squishing and squashing our way around our gardens and secreting slug pellets in our borders; the metaldehyde massacre of molluscs has never sat comfortably with me. Beautiful song thrushes cracking blue pellet-encrusted snails onto my patio for a light lunch horrifies me. The ‘removal’ of these garden ‘pests’ has a significant and potentially dangerous impact upon the natural and critical balance of the food chains and ecosystems within our gardens.

But happily things are changing.

Grazers has introduced a range of effective, liquid form only products which safeguard wildlife and deter pests from nibbling our nasturtiums and masticating our marigolds. Lettuce will be left alone and brassicas abandoned. The entire range will deter, not kill, rabbits, deer, pigeons, slugs and snails, cabbage white butterflies, caterpillars, aphids and lily beetles.

So just how does the Grazers range of products work?

The affected plants are finely misted with the calcium-based products with the solution being absorbed into the plants’ cells. This process renders the stems, foliage and flowers unappealing to its voracious visitors due to the unappetising, bitter taste of the calcium. The discouraged diners are required to look elsewhere for their food fix, leaving our prized plants untouched. Simples!

In addition, as calcium is a recognised plant nutrient, the absorbed solution stimulates and strengthens plant growth and development, which in turn helps our plants to help themselves.

The range of products is people, pets and planet friendly and is safe to use on both edible and ornamental plants.


I am pleased to advise that I have arranged an EXCLUSIVE 15% discount for all my subscribers on all GRAZERS orders over £15.00 excluding P&P until end May 2020.

Just enter the discount code MIKEGRAZERS15 when you place your order on

Watch my live Instagram chat with Hugh Frost, Technical Consultant at Grazers (

Mike chats to Technical Consultant, Hugh Frost of Grazers

Author: Mike the Gardener

Freelance gardening writer, consultant and designer. Mike Palmer is a passionate and professional plantsman, offering services in garden writing, consultancy and garden design. Mike is also available for garden and plant related talks and presentations. Mike has been a professional horticulturalist for over fifteen years.

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