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Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

I must admit to being a little nervous about the last Sunday’s visit to the Hampton Court Palace flower show. The recent ongoing bad weather loomed over us as we drove from Poole to London.

After an hour, the steely grey clouds split apart to reveal a beautiful blue sky
dotted with fluffy white cumulous clouds.

Favourite show gardens of mine are as follows:

Best conceptual garden…

Light at the end of the tunnel by Matthew Childs design.




A beautifully planted garden about hope and recovery, detailing Matthew’s experiences after being injured in 7 July 2005 bombing at Edgeware Road station in London.

The garden takes you Wanna journey starting through a narrow opening in unimposing wall leading into a confined, shaded tunnel. You can clearly see a path ahead and as you move forward, there is a transition. The tunnel structure breaks up, allowing more light and space, planting is fuller and the materials take on an uplifting tone.


People in glass houses…

I’ve always wanted my own greenhouse, but because of my shady back garden, this has never been a viable option.

My lovely neighbours Gladys and Gary have not used their greenhouse for a while and have kindly allowed me to use theirs.

Two weeks down the line, and the greenhouse is almost half full.

Let the propagation begin…