Mic the Gardener Podcast – New Episode

A new episode of Mike’s popular gardening podcast, Mic the Gardener, has just been published.

Katie Rushworth chats to Mike in the new episode of the Mic the Gardener podcast

In this episode, Mike chats to television presenter, Katie Rushworth of ITV’s ever-popular garden makeover programme ‘Love Your Garden’ about making beautiful gardens in the rain, being a jobbing gardener and coarse fishing…, yes, coarse fishing!  They also talk about her own family garden makeovers (see Katies’s Instagram for more information) and her very successful garden consultation business. You can find more information about this at https://katierushworth.com.    

Also in this episode, Mike takes us for a wander around his beautiful garden in Bournemouth, on the south-coast of England and tells about some of the gardening jobs we can all be doing in our gardens and green spaces. 

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Episode 3 – Simon Lycett

Simon Lycett, award winning, royal and celebrity florist chats to Mike from ‘Lycett Towers’ in London about the trials and tribulations of running his business through the 2020/2021 lockdowns. They also explore the stigma experienced identifying as a florist in an all-boys school. A second series of the successful American floristry talent programme ‘Full Bloom’ is also discussed, together with how Simon got started in the floristry business and much more. 

Simon Lycett talks about floral fabulousness

Mike chats to Otis about his days at horticultural college and the benefits of working in a garden centre. 

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