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Well that’s Christmas done and dusted.

Probably not the Christmas any of us were hoping for in the midst of this crazy year. And now those awkward ‘betwixtmas’ days in the lead up to New Year. A cold, bright, sunny day might see you venture out for a bracing, socially distanced walk or, if restrictions in your area allow, a nosey around the sales for a new set of clothes that actually fit our lockdown kilo-enhanced bodies, or is it just me who has succumbed to a few extra pounds around the waistline?

So if none of the above are high on the ‘things to do’ list, you could listen to my BRAND NEW PODCAST, ‘Mic the Gardener’. And yes, that’s Mike with an MIC, as it appears a microphone is my new gardening tool of choice.

My podcasts will be a ‘periodic outing’ (that’s code for whenever I can fit it in) and will include chats with well-known gardening folk, including authors, broadcasters, head gardeners and nursery men and women. There’ll also be interesting and relevant topical news, a virtual wander around my garden and LOADS more.

My first podcast includes a chat with author of ‘Diary of a Modern Country Gardener’, RHS judge and gardener, Tamsin Westhorpe who chats to me about her very first jobs in horticulture. It’s a fascinating insight into the start of her illustrious career.

I also chat to my best friend and local gardener, Otis Scadding, who chats to me about gardening in winter, running his own gardening business and living with anxiety and depression.

And if you’re looking to make some gardening related New Year’s resolutions, then drop me a line on micthegardener01@gmail.com. I’ll be featuring the funniest and best ones in my next podcast.

Hopefully, your appetite sufficiently whetted now, you’re asking exactly where you can listen to this horticultural slice of heaven.

Just click here and this link will take you to a webpage showing the various listening options.

Mic the Gardener – Podcast Coming Soon

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