RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2013 – Garden #3

A Room With A View – Designed by Mike Harvey (Arun Landscapes)

Designed and built on a budget of only £15,000, the owners of ‘A Room with a View’ have had a kitchen extension. To save money, the excavated topsoil from the extension has been used to lift the garden towards the new sleeper deck viewing platform rather than being removed afterwards, which would have been expensive.

Reclaimed sculpted sleeper stepping stones lead up to the deck, which is partially surrounded by a reclaimed timber screen and a rusty steel curtain. The muted tones of the wood and metal are reflected in the green, silver and brown colour palette of the planting scheme. The sculpted timber seats and metal fire make this the perfect spot to savour a beer in the evening and enjoy the views.

A gold medal winning, wonderfully understated garden with big impact. The subtle planting palette includes pencil-thin Cupressus sempervirens which punctuate an understory of Rosemary officinalis, Santolina ludoviciana, Perovskia ‘Blue Spire’, Gaura lindheimeri, Eryngiums, Echinaceas, Verbascum and Anthemis punctata.

For more information go to http://www.arunlandscapes.co.uk


RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2013 – Garden #2

The Ecover Garden Designed by Matthew Childs

In 2012, Matthew Childs was awarded gold and Best in Category (Conceptual Garden) for his first ever show garden. In 2013, Matthew is back and obviously means business with a much larger, and very well accomplished garden.

20130719-174704.jpgThe inspiration for the Ecover Garden (Ecover are this years show sponsors) is the fundamental principle that water is life. The aquatic environments upon which we are so dependent, are under threat from pollution, including waste plastics and toxic residues. The Ecover Garden is all about solutions and symbolises ways in which Ecover’s products are sustainable, and indeed can support the recovery of these precious water systems.

A beautiful, full and exuberant planting, reflects the colour and movement of water as it meanders around a gravel path. Strips of brightly coloured recycled plastic and drifts of magenta, purple and white flowers weave their way through the gardening complete harmony with the other elements.

20130719-175134.jpgThe planting of this garden including Agapanthus, Alliums, Gaura, blue geraniums, Salvias and Gypsophila which jostled cheek by jowl, was sublime and truly reminiscent of an established Chelsea Flower Show designer, which must be where Matthew will be setting his sights in the near future.

The unnecessary Ecover toilet cleaner fountain, bottle handle bench and laundry cap lamp, were truly unnecessary, but probably a requirement of the Ecover brief?




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