Sunday Best…

Sunday Best is a new series featuring pictures of the best plant or best photo of my garden this week.
But that might be just a little too self indulgent!
So, I’ll be inviting you to send me your ‘Sunday Best’ plant or garden picture from the week just gone.
Just email me at with your picture and a brief description of why you have chosen it.

But for this first feature, it’s all about tulips in our garden at the moment. I generally cram three different, but complementary varieties into fifteen pots around the garden. Except this year there are only two different varieties because somebody messed up the order (shhh, don’t say anything, or I’ll be for the high jump)!

Tulipa ‘Purple Dream’

And here are some tulip factoids:

  • There are over 150 species of tulip with over 3000 different varieties.
  • Tulip buds are almost perfectly symmetrical.
  • Tulips are a member of the Lily family (Lilyaceae)
    Tulips are native to Central Asia.
  • Tulip petals are edible
  • The word tulip is thought to have derived from the Persian word for turban, which it was thought to resemble.

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